1. What kind of courses are provided by Unique Persona?

Unique Persona provides classroom as well as Spoken English classes over the Phone.

2. How do spoken English classes over the phone work?

A candidate receives a call from the trainer wherein training is conducted by providing the candidate on the spot topics according to his\her level. By the end of the session trainer shares the feedback and explains the concept . Also certain guidelines are provided to the candidate in order to work on his\her areas of improvement.

3. What is the duration of these classes?

The duration of every session is half an hour.

4. How many classes are provided in a month?

We provide 20 classes in a month i.e every week from mon-fri

5. Why should I join these classes?

You should join these classes because of the following reasons :
• Class timings are flexible.
• You can take these classes from anywhere.
• Personalized attention on every candidate as these are one on one classes.
• More focus on the spoken as we primarily focus on the implementation of grammar.

6. Do you provide any demo class?

Yes, we do provide one demo class.

7. How soon can I speak fluent English?

The more you practice and follow our guidelines .

8. What is the duration of the entire course?

In order to gain fluency we recommend our candidates to take a course lasting up to at least 3 months.

9.Do I need to call my trainer or will s/he call me?

You do not need to make any calls. Your trainer will call you at the scheduled time.

10.Who will bear the telecom charges?

All telecom costs will be borne by us.

11. Will I get any course material ?

Absolutely. You will continue getting the course material till the time you are enrolled with us.

12. What kind of course material will I get?

The course material will be in the form of vocabulary, grammar topics, grammar sheets etc.

13. How will i get the course material?

We will send you the course material on whatsapp and mail.

14. How is learning on Phone a good option for me?

The trainer will talk about day to day incidents from your routine and prepares you for real-life interaction with others. So inspite of cramming the information you learn the implementation of grammar.

15. Do I need to call my trainer or will she call me?

You do not need to make any calls. Your trainer will call you at the scheduled time.

16. Can I put my classes on hold if I am unavailable?

Yes, you can certainly put your classes on hold in case of any emergency not otherwise. In case you put the classes on hold for 7 days or more then either you will have to take some other slot or wait till you get the same slot.

17. Can I record the English on mobile session?

Of course, you can. Infact, we recommend you to record your sessions and keep them with you for further listening and review.