Other Courses

Personality Development

• Personality a key element of success
• Understanding the self
• Enhancing your self esteem
• Motivation
• Basic 'Communication' skills
• 'Communication' a vital aspect of personality
• Personal Effectiveness
• Confidence Building
• Time management
• Team Building
• How To Improve Listening Skills
• Presentation Skills

Spoken English

• Basic Grammar
• Tenses
• Subject Verb Agreement
• Uses of Phrases
• Modal Verbs
• Vocabulary Building
• Elements of a Story
• Improving pronunciation and fluency
• Intonation
• Listening Skills
• Public Speaking
• Communication with people in real situation using role plays

Interview Technique

• Applications, CVs and Cover Letters
• Planning and Preparation
• What Role Does Appearance Play?
• Arriving at the interview
• Building Rapport with the Interviewer
• Handling Tricky Situations
• Managing Interview Presentations
• Closing the Interview
• Handling the Job Offer
• Detailed course notes for future reference

Confidence Building

• Creating and maintaining confidence through your non-verbal communication
• Understanding your audience’s communication style and adjusting your style to communicate more confidently
• Questioning to gain clarity
• Listening effectively to gain understanding
• Using assertive language to get your message across
• How to say ‘no’ and really mean it

Public Speaking

• Understand the dynamics of public speaking
• Learn to analyze an audience & tailor the delivery accordingly
• Design speeches for maximum impact
• Recognise the value of visual aids
• Learn the point, turn and talk technique
• Understand how to use rhetorical techniques
• Learn to expand on key points to ensure clarity
• Master techniques to overcome nervousness & present with confidence
• Acquire techniques that ensure clear, concise & effective wording is used
• Learn to deliver a polished, professional & credible speech
• Learn to handle questions & comments effectively

Presentation Skills

• Introduction
• Key Points to consider in order to give an effective presentation
• Using Audio-Visual Aids
• Non-Verbal Delivery
• Conquering Speech Anxiety
• Key Secrets of Effective Presentation